We LOVE giving our creative teams the ability to try new things and experiment because we believe some of our best content comes from these safe spaces; trying new things and be unapologetically creative.

Messing around with a Fast and Slow Motion look while lips singing the song. Requires lots of editing and most importantly practice :) But the effect is very entrancing

Song: Zedd - Stay The Night

Testing out the Wiral Lite with Sarah Walker. It’s a lot of fun and give opportunities for many unique shots, though there are some challenges. Check out what we think :)

Song: Olmos - I’m Sorry

I love in Anime when they push up their glasses and there is a big reflection of white to hide their eyes. I wanted to see if I could replicate that with light, glasses and bounce boards.

Song: Aurora - runaway

In order to test how rain looks on camera; here are few tests with rain and lighting. Sometimes I light in between camera and subject, other times behind and I try a few other variations.

Song: BANKS - Drowning